Organizing Tips for New Parents

Organizing Tips for New Parents

Welcoming a new baby into your household can be chaotic to say the least. 

But one surefire way to kiss the chaos goodbye and increase the calm factor is by having organized, functional spaces in your home.

After becoming a mom, Maggie Kelly realized her knack for organizing could help other moms have more time for their families and themselves, so she started her home organizing business–Organizing CU.

“I know first-hand the struggles of busy moms. I believe organizing is within reach for everyone,” she said.

Today, Maggie shares a few tips and tricks to help new parents get–and stay–organized. 

Keep reading to find out how!

Organization: The Key to A Calm Home

First and foremost, Maggie believes that organization is the key to a calm home.

“Being organized will give you that layer of calm that you didn’t realize was missing,” she said. “Imagine being able to sit down and actually enjoy the 10 minute breather you have instead of feeling guilty that you have three loads of laundry piled up.”

But how do you turn your hectic home into an organized oasis? Maggie recommends the Zones Method.

The Zones Method

Maggie said organizing items into zones can be game-changers for new parents.

“You may not be able to keep everything perfectly organized, but having a designated space for everything will certainly help,” she said.

Here are a few examples of zones you can implement in your own home:

  • In or near the kitchen: A feeding zone with bottles, formula, spoons, burp cloths and bibs.
  • In the nursery and/or in a common area: a changing zone with diapers, wipes, diaper sacks, and rash ointment 
  • In the nursery: a sleep-needs zone with extra sheets, pajamas, sleep sacks, and swaddle blankets

Maggie noted that a changing station is key for new parents. 

“With little babies, you can’t just walk away to grab some wipes if they have a blow out,” she said. “Making sure you have everything close at hand will ensure your baby’s safety and your sanity.”

She also said the key to a successful zones method is giving up on the idea of perfection.

“No parent dealing with a middle of the night diaper change or older kid (at any time of day!) will carefully take out the one item they need, leaving a perfectly folded pile left,” she said. I don’t have that expectation and choose instead to have zones of clothes that we can all work with.”

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All About Storage Solutions

Maggie advised parents buy storage solutions that their kids can grow with.

“A utility cart like this one from IKEA can easily go from a mobile changing table to an art cart. Hanging shelves like this store swaddles and blankets for an infant, then transition to storing dress up clothes a few years later,” she said. Buying a shorter, wide dresser like this one can double as a changing table in your kid’s room for a couple of years, but then function as a standalone dresser for decades afterwards.”

These storage solutions will ensure you’re not constantly purchasing more items and is a key component of Maggie’s final organizing tip: reduce, arrange, maintain.

The Reduce, Arrange, Maintain Method

Maggie suggests parents regularly follow these steps to keep their homes organized. 

  1. Reduce the amount of “stuff” in your home by only keeping what you truly need and donating (or in some cases throwing away) the rest.
  2. Arrange your items in a way that makes sense for you and your family and have a designated space for everything. 

“It will be easier to have it when you need it, and easier to put it away when you’re done,” she said.

  1. Maintain your organization by scheduling resets into your daily routine.

“Spend 5-10 minutes, each day, by doing a quick pick-up at certain times of the day,” Maggie said. “It will slowly become a habit, and taking the two minutes to pick up a space now will save you hours at night or on the weekends when you could be enjoying your free time.

To Sum It Up

Having an organized home can help relieve a lot of the stress new parents feel after bringing a baby home, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Organize your home into zones so that like-items are easy to find when you need them.
  • Invest in storage solutions that will grow with your child.
  • Utilize Maggie’s “Reduce, Arrange, Maintain” method to keep your home easily organized.

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