Three Apps Every Parent Needs

Three Apps Every Parent Needs

Parenting isn’t always a walk in the park, which is why today we’re revealing a few of our favorite parenting apps. The best part? Each of these has been tested by parents who know a thing or two about multitasking with kids.


Keep reading to learn more about three of our favorite parenting apps!


The Sprout Baby App

Emily Schwalbach, a social media consultant from Indianapolis, is also a mom of three boys–including one newborn.


She said she loves the Sprout Baby app. Features include:


  • A health log, doctor visit planner, and medication tracker
  • The ability to track feedings, pumping sessions, sleep, and diaper changes with charts to identify patterns
  • A milestone tracker that allows parents to record their baby’s big moments


“I love the feeding tracker. I can track how much I’ve nursed, on which breast, and for how long,” Emily said. “And when I open the feeding section of the app, I love how it automatically shows how much time has lapsed between each feed.”


Cost: Free with upgrades available


The Wonder Weeks App 

If you’re trying to understand why your baby is suddenly fussy or not sleeping well, Sarah Pashniak, a certified pediatric sleep coach, recommends the Wonder Weeks app.


The app, an offshoot of a book by the same name, helps parents keep track of their baby's’ mental development. The book claims that these developmental “leaps” are the cause of fussy periods and sleep regressions.


“I really like the Wonder Weeks app because developmental milestones coincide with sleep regressions,” Sarah said. “This app helps parents understand how brain development is impacting their little ones’ sleep.”


Cost: $3.99


Cozi Family Organizer

If you’ve got more than one child and a spouse to keep up with, the Cozi Family Organizer might be just what you’re looking for.


Features include:


  • A calendar that keeps up with each family member’s activities and appointments
  • Shopping lists the whole family can easily see and edit from any computer or mobile device
  • Personalized to-do lists for each member of the family
  • Recipes and a meal planner


Kate Miller is a Georgia-based mom of two and said she loves Cozi because it includes both to-do lists and calendars.


“It allows us to designate which family members are involved with each event, so there’s no question about who is driving to soccer practice versus who is driving to dance lessons,” Kate said. “And the to-do list feature has removed a lot of nagging in our relationship.”


Cost: Free with upgrades available


To Sum It Up

LinnieLou loves tools and products that make parenting a little easier, and these apps do just the trick:


  • The Sprout Baby app is the perfect newborn tracker.
  • The Wonder Weeks app can help explain a baby’s fussy phases and sleep regressions.
  • The Cozi Family Organizer is great for helping families stay in sync.


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