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A father’s involvement in parenting can positively impact his children for their entire lives, but knowing how to be involved–especially in the early years–can be hard.

Nonetheless, fathers are important. In fact, The Fatherhood Project cites that children who have a bond with their dads are:

  • Twice as likely to enroll in college or find a stable job after high school
  • 75 percent less likely to parent children in their teens
  • 80 percent less likely to spend time in jail
  • Half as likely to experience symptoms of depression

LinnieLou spoke with both a child development expert as well as an experienced dad to get their takes on the importance of fatherhood and how to stay involved.

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Most parents have heard of postpartum depression, which affects up to 15 percent of mothers.

But did you know that even dads can be diagnosed with postpartum depression? Or that nursing mothers can experience post-weaning depression?

LinnieLou spoke with two moms and one dad about their experiences with depression and how they got help. Keep reading to learn more.

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Breastfeeding can be a special, even magical, experience between a mother and child, but what happens when lactation challenges lead to feelings of guilt, sadness, and even depression?

LinnieLou spoke with mental health and lactation experts as well as an experienced mom to get their takes on breastfeeding, mental health, and when to seek help.

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